SIR GRAND LEAR – a theater company

Sir Grand Lear was founded in 2014, as a partnership between scenographers Lea Burrows and Ingvild R.Grande.
The duo originally functioned as freelance scenographers, always taking inspiration from people rather than buildings.
Today, the company has specialised in creating theater that eliminates the distance between the audience and the stage.
Our performances materializes as ceremonial social gatherings, in which current affairs is thrown dramatically into the air, landing in the form of spirited, honest dialogues.
The overall ideology is to approach every part of life as an open door to create original, fun, empathic and high quality theater.
We look at it as a contribution to public health.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch:


Artistic leader: Lea Burrows +45 40 36 54 88
Creative producer: Karen Zenia Hal Hermansen +45 28 73 62 29




Artistic leader and producer: Ingvild R. Grande +47 41 32 58 99

SIR GRAND LEAR NO 921 687 397