Skal Vi Grille?

“We thank you, Industrial Revolution.
Other revolutions gave us borders, freedom and flags.
You gave us everything.
We thank you for refrigerators, antibiotics, Facebook, vaccinations, waterproof jackets, and blueberries in february.
We thank you, for the possibility of gathering on the beach, to grill the last sausage.”

Dear Consumer. You are invited to the last barbeque on the beach!
Together we will cheer on the little child who is stepping on the pedals, that pulls the generator,
that turns on the grill, that warms the sausage.
This way, we will save the climate, and the future of the child

This is a SIR GRAND LEAR production, co-produced by Teatergrad, Rosendal Teater and Reykjavik Dance Festival.

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Sir Grand Lear: Skal Vi Grille? 2020/2021 from Sir Grand Lear on Vimeo.

Created together with:
Troels Thorsen, Asrun Magnusdottir, Christine Worre Kann, Berit Rusten, Gigja Jónsdóttir, Tobias Heilman, Daria Glenter, Jakob Teglgård, Anna Sofie Rimestad, Jonas K. Nøland, Trond Toftevaag, Ove S. Grande, Tilde Burrows, Kristoffer Rosing-Schow, Mikkel Arndt, Betty Blå, Lea F. Claussen, Jon Berntsen Huseby, Barbro Rønning, Eva Barck, Solveig Stoltz, Lars Daniel Hjelde, Troels V. Jensen and 60 apron-sewers from Denmark, Iceland and Norway.