Anne og Empatikrisen

Sir Grand Lear’s debut as a producing company, started with this experimenting anthology theatre series at Theater Republique. The work consisted of 10 performative events throughout a theater season, all with the purpose of doing in-depth research on the state of empathy in our society, together with the audience. Watch our documentary about the project here.

Anne & Empatikrisen 2019 from Sir Grand Lear on Vimeo.

Idea, production, scenography: Sir Grand Lear / Co-production: Teater Republique / Director: Henrik Grimbäck / Actor: Morten Burian / Researcher: Torben Sangild / Productionassistant: Signe Berg / Cast:

Created together with:
Morten Burian, Henrik Grimbäck, Torben Sangild, Signe Berg, Sanna Albjørk.