Sir Grand Lear was founded in 2014, as a partnership between the scenographers Lea Burrows and Ingvild R.Grande. Over the past decade we have worked jointly and independently, creating stage and costume designs for more than 60 professional performances of diverse nature.

As Sir Grand Lear we continue this work, with an ongoing emphasis on spirited dialogue underpinned by transparency, sincerity and honesty. This focus forces us to push our boundaries, and through that, develop unique approaches for each individual project.

As scenographers we are seeking an expression beyond aesthetics. Interaction with actors, performers, audience and the general public is our keyword. We believe that a good scenography is created to come alive, at the point when it meets actual life.

Sir Grand Lear is founded on our different skills and experiences, and underlying shared belief in a dialogue, both on and off stage, in which society is co-related to the scenic universe.

  • We both take inspiration from people rather than buildings.
  • We both like to laugh and cry
  • – and both of us would never choose the obvious solution – but most likely the most challenging one!


Under the umbrella of teamwork, the overall ideology of Sir Grand Lear, is to approach every type of commission as an open door to create original, empathic and high quality scenography.

See you!


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